Video Thumbnail Embed Pullout (CNN Style)


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Covert Player has one goal in mind: Viewer Experience! When viewer experience is increased, watch-time goes up. Covert Player is a script I developed by watching some of the biggest news sites on the internet and how they integrate videos to their viewers. The video play is seamless and integrated contextually with playlist ability! When watch-time goes up, conversions go up. How does Covert Player do this? Click on the video thumbnail on the left. This is just one tiny example of what this player will do. One of the largest news sites,, does exactly this for view experience.

The story of 9 year old Caine, who spent his summer building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store, and a community that came together to make his day. Caine’s Arcade has inspired millions, and launched a movement to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in kids, via the Imagination Foundation.

I am sure by now you see how this video player works seamlessly into your pages and posts. I can add a single video, a playlist and much much more. Once again, this is just one small feature of Covert Player. There are more options available. Awesome stuff!

As you can see, there are so many possibilities. Your sites, and your client sites, will be awesome from a viewers experience, while retaining the seo advantage in that Google reads text.